From Crisis to Stability; Managing Resources and Planning for Post-COVID Times in Nursing


2nd Nurse Leadership Forum (Middle East) online event
Wednesday April 7th

The 2nd Nurse Leadership Forum Middle East focuses on recovery and planning in healthcare. All are welcome to attend free-or-charge by registering on the link below.

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The focused Nurse Leadership Forum event in the Middle East came into life in January 2020 at a Steering Committee comprising nurse leaders across the region. Unfortunately, COVID came calling within days which would call an immediate halt to plans for an in-person event, but it was also clear healthcare facilities and nurses required enormous support and so it was agreed by the Steering Committee that the 1st event would take place online.

The 1st Nurse Leadership Forum Middle East took place in October 2020. More than 1,500-nurses and leaders registered to attend, with over 50% logging into the event on the day.

Now the 2nd Nurse Leadership Forum Middle East takes place April 7th, and our thoughts turn to next steps. We have started to come through the biggest challenge in healthcare in 100-years and now tentative plans can be explored about how healthcare systems start to manage and plan for stability.

At the guidance of the Steering Committee the event is titled From crisis to stability: managing resources and planning for post-COVID times in nursing.

Sadly, in the 6-months between the 1st and 2nd Nurse Leadership Forum, COVID-related deaths globally increased from 1 million to more than 2½-million.

However, early December 2020 saw global vaccination campaigns start and as of today, March 8th, more than 300-million people have received a vaccination. Many months have yet to pass before the pandemic looks to be under greater control and COVID restrictions start to lift, but the journey seems firmly in the right direction.

The tide is slowly receding, and the 90-minute session will focus on management of people, budgets, data, shared governance, informatics, and education and will help nurse leaders and aspirant leaders take into account ideas and innovations learned from the CNO’s and leaders in charge of some of the region’s leading establishments.

Speaking as keynotes on the online event on April 7th are Aysha Al Mehri, Chief Nursing Officer at SEHA, and Jennifer Deeney, Head of Neonatal Nursing and operations at Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust, and they will focus on workforce and care delivery concerns, budget discussions, business analytics and strategic planning.
Aysha is one of the region’s most senior nursing officers, leads the largest public healthcare provider in the UAE, is President of the Emirates Nursing Association and board member of the UAE Nursing & Midwifery Council.

Jennifer comes to the event as a result of an international initiative with Synova Associates who, for 25-years, have organised nurse leadership forums. Jen is a strong frontline focused nursing leader with years of experience in the NHS as Matron in the world famous Barts (London), Royal Sussex and now Head of Neonatal Nursing & Operations at Liverpool Women’s NHS Trust Foundation.

They will explore the requirement of leaders to display the critical needs of clinical excellence and leadership, and how these need to be combined with high-quality general business skills, a solid grasp of financial and accounting principles and to be software aware. And to be HR empathetic of course.

10-years ago The King’s Fund report set out to ascertain what sort of leaders the UK’s NHS needed, and concluded that “the NHS needs to move beyond the outdated model of heroic leadership to recognise the value of leadership that is shared, distributed and adaptive. In the new model, leaders must focus on systems of care and not just institutions and on engaging staff in delivering results.”

That can be true of all healthcare systems, and as the Middle East has more internationally trained nurses and leaders than anywhere in the world, this is especially true of our region.

Attending the 2nd Nurse Leadership Forum Middle East will help nurse leaders across the GCC, and aspirant nurse leaders, unit managers and those nurses interested in expanding their careers, to understand some of the issues involved, what to think about in terms of their own career progression and explore the thoughts of other like-minded nurses.

The event is once again moderated by Brandy Scott, journalist and broadcaster for The Business Breakfast on Dubai Eye 103.8FM and concurrently on Dubai One TV.

A lively discussion is sure to follow amongst the region’s nurse leaders with views both regional and international.

The Nurse Leadership Forum Middle East is a free-to-attend event for nurses, aspirant leaders and those in leadership in the healthcare sector across the GCC countries. The aim of the Forum from the outset has been to provide support for nurses and leaders, and we are pleased to bring this service to all as part of the continuing education and support which OBIX Middle East brings to the market.

OBIX Middle East, Synova Associates and Informa Markets thank Aysha Al Mehri, Jennifer Deeney and Brandy Scott for coming together an interesting and informative event, and we look forward to seeing many of you on the event.