About Us


About Us

Our Story
Clinical Computer Systems, Inc.

Eight years and two decades ago, our EVP started his career as a customer service technician for a medical software company. After gaining fundamental knowledge of that system, and a reasonably good understanding of supporting customers, Clinical Computer Systems, Inc. (CCSI) was born. Upon establishing a dedicated customer base, he bought the software supported and renamed it OBIX Perinatal Data System.

Over the next several years, with a team of expert coders and engaging experienced OB clinicians to help, the software platform was rebuilt and is continually improved upon to this day. We continue to strive by providing a product that incorporates industry standards with the highest level of patient care and safety in mind. Couple that with our company culture is what distinguishes us from everyone else.

Our mission, to focus on providing positive customer experiences and delivering the best technical skills to service the product, continues. Now, as a part of Harris Computer, we grow together to support obstetric professionals as they care for and deliver the best outcome for mom and baby.

Our Team

With some math involved, we’ve added up the experience of our team and found it’s well over 100 years in the perinatal software industry. The knowledge base and understanding our customers’ needs are the reasons for the development success of the OBIX system. We are fortunate to have people in our organization that can wear many hats, are diverse, and form a cohesive team to achieve our goals.

Moving Forward Together

Kim C. Sell

Executive Vice President

Cindy Bell, R.N.C.

Vice President, Operations

Marianela Spung

Vice President, Product Development and Marketing

Mark P. Nester

Vice President, Global Sales

Ning Li

Vice President, Engineering

Team Behind the Teams
Team Leaders

Brad Bell

Director, Product Development

Caren Busen, R.N.

Director, International Clinical Support

Deb Johnson

Director, Learning Management

Heather L. Ruchalski

Director, Marketing

Tom Rudolph

Director, Product Management

Jim Spoden

Director, Customer Service


Services & Support

We’re Your Resource
Working Together, Better

CCSI’s implementation process is a systematic, structured approach to comply with the integration and workflow goals of our customers. Though implementation timelines will vary based on individual hospital requirements, projects move along more smoothly when we work together with you. Our goal is to be your resource, from planning with our dedicated project management, system installation by OBIX certified technicians, to superior education by our clinical implementation team, enabling an efficient rollout for your satisfaction. When we work together you’ll understand why OBIX was recognized as the KLAS® Category Leader for Labor & Delivery nine out of ten years.

Customer engagement is important. We appreciate the interactions and relationships we have with not only our customers but also our medical advisors and other industry experts. We solicit feedback on product updates and enhancements in our effort to deliver a solution that works for you.

Compared with other vendors used at KRMC, the staff at CCSI was the best prepared and most professional throughout the process. As a result, we were able to collaborate effectively and complete a flawless installation. The staff loves the new system and our patients appreciate the improved care.

— John Wolf, Manager of Clinical Operations

Project Management

  • Remote site visit
  • Workflow assessment
  • Customized plan
  • Clinical and technical review
  • Integration mapping
  • Scheduled communications


  • Documentation
  • Identify, Manage and Minimize Risk
  • Go-live technical support
  • Go-live clinical support
  • Cost-controlled implementation

OBIX Support Services

  • 24/7/365 technical phone support
  • Periodic OBIX system health checks
  • Consultative services for system optimization
  • OBIX P·O·E·T perinatal online education & training any time

Benefits from Experiences

Our years of experience, working with hospital systems large and small, navigating the challenges, and gaining knowledge to help provide invaluable guidance for customers’ strategic initiatives and more.

Go to Downloads to discover stories of shared experiences.

  • MCH Case Study – EMR Community Outreach
  • Memorial Medical Center & OBIX Hosted Solution
  • EMR Perinatal System Integration Case Study

Strategic Relationships

Together We Do More
Collaborating with Industry Leaders

We nurture relationships with customers and industry leaders. We are open to innovation and discovering new products uniquely for the perinatal space. We work with some pretty great medical advisors who not only help keep us on top of changes in practice or regulations, but they present great topics for our continuing education series we provide complimentary to customers.

Industry Memberships
We’re Involved

Let Us Introduce to You
Our Medical Advisors

David A. Miller, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

Lisa A. Miller, C.N.M., J.D.

Michael S. Ruma, M.D., MPH

Stephanie Martin, D.O.

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