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Since 1996, Clinical Computer Systems, Inc. has carved out a niche by developing a leading perinatal software solution and providing exceptional customer service.


OBIX System

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Strategic Perinatal Software

The OBIX® Perinatal Data System meets the increasing demand from small and large systems for adaptability. OBIX excels in exchanging information directly with hospitals’ electronic health record (EHR). Additionally, highly rated software services, from sales that values relationships (they focus on your success), to project management (they work out the plan), to Clinical Implementation Specialists- practiced OB nurses (they know the workflow), backed by OBIX Online programs (simple steps to teach you), to dedicated technical customer service (they know our system), that regularly exceed expectations. These are characteristics we are proud to present to hospitals and healthcare partners.

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Multiple Options for Integration

Spend less time moving between systems. The OBIX system can interface and integrate at various levels with top EHR vendors to support data management and provide a seamless clinical workflow.

Patient-First Philosophy

OBIX is an easy-to-use system designed to have a workflow that makes sense to nurses. After all, it was designed by nurses for nurses. One customer told us that her favorite thing about our system is that it has the nurse’s back at the bedside.

Comprehensive Records

Quality OBIX perinatal records are integrated with the electronic health record (EHR) to provide a broad digital picture of patient care. The OBIX system offers options to document throughout the entire labor.

Slew of Surveillance Choices

Fetal heart rate, maternal vital signs, and additional data measurements are visible from most any desired location. You’re in charge! Monitors displayed in nurses’ stations, managers’ offices, clinics, and the patient’s bedside give clinicians extra awareness of their laboring patients’ condition.

Commitment to Readiness

Our OB nurses share knowledge and give their input on the tailoring of the OBIX software. They lead the training in configuring online learning modules, and they support labor and delivery staff during go-live to incorporate OBIX into their daily routine.

OBIX Deliverability

We take care of most of the technical aspects so clinicians can focus on patient care. Whether premises-based or the OBIX Hosted Solution, data is stored per your location requirements.



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Meet our Technical & Clinical Experts

Learn From Industry Experts

There is nothing like learning from someone who understands your perspective and can speak your language. To usher you through challenges and technologies when the most important job is caring for your patients and bringing new life into the world. In the midst of change, our team will help guide you. They are experienced and know the OBIX system inside and out so you will gain confidence using it too!

OBIX System Learning

Because the time to learn is when you have the opportunity, we're ready when you are. Online learning modules offer staff needed information specific to their version of OBIX, nothing more, nothing less. Clinicians can even start training up to a month before go-live, setting their own schedule! Because nothing beats the personal touch, our experienced OB clinical implementation specialists will be accessible to talk you through your go-live up until and when the system begins to monitor laboring women and their babies.
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Clinical Computer Systems, Inc. (CCSI)

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Who We Are

We are a diverse group of individuals dedicated to the development and support of the OBIX Perinatal Data System used in hospitals across the United States and abroad. Since 1996, we have presented our perinatal software solution as a tool for clinicians in charge of patient care. We understand that no two customers are alike - that each relationship needs to be fostered through collaboration. We continue to do research to identify other products and solutions for the perinatal space and our customers.

Our Mission

We at Clinical Computer Systems, Inc. are committed to delivering innovative perinatal solutions and services.

Our Values

We take pride in our ability to provide exceptional products and services to our valued customers by encouraging employee empowerment and elevating achievements through communication and collaboration.
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Bright, agile, innovative people plus a rich, corporate culture are what make us successful. Be part of our team dedicated to creating solutions that positively impact the day-to-day workflow of our customers. We invite you to learn more about who we are and what we do.
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It was obvious very early on that this was going to be a good engagement. From sales to go-live we were taken great care of. The professionalism was obvious from day one. Compared to other projects this one was one of the best I’ve been a part of, and I’ve done hundreds each year for 15 years.

— Johnathan Buice, CIO

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