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The OBIX Perinatal Data System provides Labor and Delivery units with distinguished surveillance and archiving capabilities. Its design has the clinicians in mind by delivering a comprehensive solution for central, bedside, and remote, electronic fetal monitoring. The system’s E-Tools (FHR and UA tools) assist clinicians’ critical thinking skills in the assessment of fetal heart rate as well as the monitoring of uterine activity parameters, crucial to safe labor in support of their day-to-day care provided to patients.


Stylish & Intuitive Fetal Monitor

Designed to fit in at the bedside, the OBIX BeCA® fetal monitor offers an accurate and clear visual of the status of the fetus and mother. The OBIX BeCA is easy to use and intuitive via the icon-driven touchscreen, and the fetal heart rate can be displayed as “Big Numbers” or in trace view, and auto-scales when monitoring twins for optimum visibility. The OBIX BeCA fetal monitor is loaded with features to provide cost-effective, reliable, and accurate fetal/maternal monitoring.


  • Multi-functional, vivid 8.4″ display
  • High sensitivity ultrasound transducers
  • Supports high BMI patients
  • Optional battery for patient transfers
  • Monitors maternal vital signs

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Wireless Fetal Monitoring Transducer System
OBIX BeCA Wireless Transducer System

Designed for use with our OBIX BeCA fetal monitor, the Wireless Transducer System offers patients the flexibility and choice to adopt active and upright birthing positions furthering enhanced patient experience.


  • Twins compatible
  • Freedom from cables
  • Waterproof wireless transducers
  • No abdominal prep


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