Reliable and Cost-Effective Maternal Fetal Monitoring


Reliable and Cost-Effective Maternal Fetal Monitoring

November 29, 2022 – When it comes to the healthcare space, there is a lot of focus in providing the right patient care. One of the biggest challenges for healthcare facilities is creating a seamless experience for both patients and staff. This is where Clinical Computer Systems, Inc. (CCSI) —a company committed to delivering innovative perinatal solutions and services—comes into the picture. “Unlike a lot of our competitors, our focus is exclusively on perinatal care, enabling practitioners to focus on the mother and baby by providing them the right information to help care for and communicate with their patients,” explains Mihir Shah, Executive Vice President, Clinical Computer Systems, Inc.

When it comes to the company’s offerings, the OBIX Perinatal Data System is a leader in exchanging information directly with the hospitals’ electronic health record (EHR) system. Designed with clinicians in mind, the OBIX System supports the unique clinical workflow to care for two or more patients at one time. The system’s E-Tools help clinicians throughout patient assessment by helping them make timely and informed decisions at the patient beside. Furthermore, the E-Tools reinforce and clarify NICHD definitions during fetal heart rate assessment.

In addition to their strategic perinatal software solution, what makes the company stand out from the crowd is their OBIX BeCA fetal monitor. The OBIX BeCA fetal monitor is a new entry into the US market and competes against leading businesses. The OBIX BeCA offers a seamless experience between the fetal monitor at the bedside, and the central surveillance system for labor and delivery. It is loaded with features to provide cost-effective, reliable, and accurate fetal/maternal monitoring. “The OBIX BeCA monitor has patented technology that automatically locates and tracks the baby’s heart rate. Moreover, this technology is highly effective with high BMI mothers too,” points Shah.

Uniquely designed with a smaller footprint to fit in at the bedside, the OBIX BeCA fetal monitor offers an accurate and clear visual of the status of the fetus and mother. It is easy to use and intuitive with an icon-driven touchscreen. The fetal heart rate can be displayed as “Big Numbers” or in trace view and auto-scales when monitoring twins for optimum visibility.

The OBIX BeCA’s waterproof, wireless transducer system, the OBIX Freedom, provides mobility when monitoring moms and babies. The OBIX Freedom enhances the patient experience by offering laboring mothers’ the freedom from cables, the freedom to move, and the freedom to choose water-birth monitoring.

In addition, the OBIX BeCA Mobile Cart Solution features the OBIX system’s mobile EFM module, OBIX BeCA fetal monitor, the OBIX Freedom fetal wireless transducer system, and a fetal monitor cart – all in one bundle from a single vendor. Its design has the clinicians in mind by delivering a comprehensive mobile solution for electronic fetal monitoring.

Since opening its doors, CCSI has been a leader in delivering cutting-edge perinatal healthcare solutions. The team works to continually incorporate new technologies and industry standards with a high level of patient care and safety in mind. CCSI uses a unique approach on the understanding that no two customers are alike – that each relationship needs to be fostered through collaboration. Throughout the entire project and beyond, the company works closely with its customers to deliver a solution that aligns with a healthcare facility’s strategic initiatives.

As a part of Harris Computer’s healthcare vertical, CCSI’s focus remains dedicated to supporting obstetric professionals as they care for both mom and baby. “We are soon going to be introducing a mobile app later this year, that is solely focused on creating that seamless perinatal experience to healthcare facilities and staff concludes Shah.

As published in Medhealth Outlook

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