Our leadership team has over 100 years of combined experience in the perinatal software industry. This knowledge has been critical to the development success of the OBIX system and understanding our customers' needs for a perinatal software solution that fits within their strategic goals.

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Kim C. Sell CEO

Kim C. Sell <span>CEO</span>

Mark P. Nester Vice President,
Sales & Marketing

Mark P. Nester <span>Vice President, <br>Sales & Marketing</span>

Mark Russell Vice President, Finance

Mark Russell <span>Vice President, Finance</span>

Ning Li Vice President, Engineering

Ning Li <span>Vice President, Engineering</span>

Richard M. Bilof Vice President, RA/QA

Richard M. Bilof <span>Vice President, RA/QA</span>

Brad Bell Director, Product Development

Brad Bell <span>Director, Product Development</span>

Caren Busen, R.N. Director, Clinical
Sales Support

Caren Busen, R.N. <span>Director, Clinical<br> Sales Support</span>

Cindy Bell, R.N.C. Director, RA/QA

Cindy Bell, R.N.C. <span>Director, RA/QA</span>

Deb Johnson, RNC Director, Learning Management System

Deb Johnson, RNC <span>Director, Learning Management System</span>

Heather L. Ruchalski Director, Marketing

Heather L. Ruchalski <span>Director, Marketing</span>

Jim Spoden Director, Customer Service

Jim Spoden <span>Director, Customer Service</span>

Karen Kiel Director, HR

Karen Kiel <span>Director, HR</span>

Marianela Spung Director, Marketing
Product Management

Marianela Spung <span>Director, Marketing<br> Product Management</span>

Rick Cash Director, Sales

Rick Cash  <span>Director, Sales</span>

Rick DaniellsDirector, Strategic Initiatives

Rick Daniells<span>Director, Strategic Initiatives</span>