Clinical Computer Systems, Inc. Announces The OBIX Hosted Solution


Elgin, IL January 23, 2018 -Clinical Computer Systems, Inc. (CCSI), a leading provider of perinatal software, presents OBIX as a Service giving obstetric units a flexible and cost-efficient perinatal system. This hosted solution delivers the features and functionality of the traditional OBIX® Perinatal Data System, via the cloud, eliminating the need for hospitals to provide additional server infrastructure needed to house the OBIX system application.

Memorial Medical Center’s Chief Nursing Officer, Erin Clevenger, RN, said “We kept having to purchase server after server after server. Storage was always an issue. Now, with a cloud-based system, the server and storage is external and that translates into cost savings for us. If we hadn’t found OBIX and been forced to stay with the company we were with, I don’t think our Labor and Delivery Department could have stayed open without drastically reducing staffing or services offered.”

CCSI has developed quality control and assurance standards that comply with and leverage trusted system security frameworks. The building blocks of security for the OBIX Hosted Solution has been established through its communication relationships. The first layer is through our partnership with AWS, the second layer is through the CCSI protocols, and the third and final layer is through the hybrid cloud communication in AWS.

“Protecting data and information is important to our customers and therefore important to us,” said CEO Kim Sell. “We are not only dedicated to assisting healthcare facilities in providing the safest labor and delivery, but also safeguarding their data in a cost-effective manner.”

About Clinical Computer Systems, Inc.

CCSI is an employee-owned, high-tech company located in Elgin, Illinois. CCSI is a perinatal category leader with an innovative, customer-driven, computer-based perinatal system, and support services.  The company is dedicated to the development of the OBIX Perinatal Data System incorporating changes in technology, regulations, and standards specific to labor and delivery.  For more information, go to or call 1-888-871-0963