Clinical Computer Systems, Inc. Announces Business Agreement With MEDITECH To Facilitate Data Exchanges And Application Integration


ELGIN, IL May 31, 2016 – Clinical Computer Systems, Inc. (CCSI), has teamed up with MEDITECH to create tight integration between the OBIX Perinatal Data System and the MEDITECH EHR.  This integration will be available in OBIX system version 7.3, MEDITECH versions 6.15, 6.16, and future releases. The software interfaces are co-developed to provide an integrated perinatal medical record that supports a hospital’s desired clinical workflow and interoperability strategy.  Together these systems deliver care providers and stake holders with greater information to support patient care.

CCSI has been working with MEDITECH to develop seamless integration to keep the patient’s medical record in sync between the two systems.  Data charted in OBIX is automatically updated in MEDITECH and conversely, relevant data charted in MEDITECH is automatically updated in the OBIX system. Therefore, eliminating the need for double documentation of the same data in two separate systems.  Relevant data is displayed in OBIX on the fetal monitor strip for easy review and accessed quickly from MEDITECH through the single sign-on feature. 

“Our company’s foundation is built upon customer support and we work with software vendors, such as MEDITECH, to provide a truly integrated perinatal system experience,” says Kim Sell, President of CCSI. “We are excited about this solution as it provides our customers with a single medical record regardless of which system the data is captured.” 

The OBIX system is a comprehensive, computerized system for central, bedside, and remote electronic fetal monitoring.  It includes archiving, point-of-care charting, single-click management reports, interface capabilities, and multi-facility support.  The system is developed using the latest technology and able to be deployed in different environments to utilize the hospital’s current strategy and infrastructure.  The OBIX system’s decision support features and tools help clinicians promote patient safety in electronic fetal monitoring and improve practices.

About Clinical Computer Systems, Inc.

CCSI is an employee-owned, high technology company located in Elgin, Illinois. For 20 years, CCSI has been a leader in perinatal systems with innovative, customer-driven, computer-based perinatal system, and support services.  The company is dedicated to the development of the OBIX Perinatal Data System and works to incorporate changes in technology, regulations, and standards in the obstetrical department that support hospitals’ strategic initiatives. 

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