Advantages & Benefits

The OBIX system is distinguished from other systems in the marketplace by CCSI's:

Support Tools


to education

Superior service
and support

Advantages and Benefits

  • Strategic pricing practices including enterprise licensing, implementation, and go-live support
  • Focused company dedicated to perinatal customers
  • Distinct education, project management, implementation, and support services
  • Decision support tools for EFM assessment
  • Specifically designed to integrate with hospital departmental systems, enterprise-wide charting solutions, and EHR repositories
  • Comprehensive documentation modules designed around clinical workflow specific to obstetrical care
  • Outstanding management and statistical reporting capabilities

Enhancing the Patient Experience

  • Helps increase nurse-patient interaction time
  • Provides higher quality of medical records and reporting
  • Reduces charting duplication
  • Provides brilliant central display images, outstanding visibility of patient EFM activity, and team awareness of total perinatal environment
  • Increases staff flexibility and satisfaction

"What I love about OBIX is how awesome it is to be able to see two, three, or even four patients at the same time if i am watching someone else's patient load and I can do it from any room that I am in."

~ Kathy Kemplin, Nurse Educator