System Integration

The OBIX system incorporates rich interface and integration capabilities; the system's HL7 interface works with virtually all health care information systems. Having tight integration with leading EHR vendors to provide users with seamless interaction between the OBIX system and the EHR. The system can be deployed in many environments; the system's client is Citrix-compatible, which allows for easy mass deployment and support. The OBIX system utilizes customers' enterprise networks and can run in a virtual environment. Data is archived on SAN or NAS devices providing secondary back-up locations.

  • Interfaces with admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) systems allow clinicians to manage patient bed locations in the EHR.
  • Single sign-on with patient in-focus feature eliminates the need for users to navigate through multiple systems.
  • The OBIX system's Annotation Sync Interface (ASI) supports optimal clinical documentation workflow while keeping the EHR and OBIX systems' data in sync through a two-way interface.
  • CCSI has active membership in leading industry groups that promote greater access to health data and improve care across the continuum.