About OBIX University

Implementing a new perinatal system is a significant event. To ease the transition to a new system or system upgrade, our OBIX University program has been designed to provide comprehesive system education for end users which includes onsite clinical go-live support.

OBIX University: Online

OBIX Education

The OBIX University Online program delivers education for clinicians, care providers and ancillary staff with learning modules that are accessed remotely. This program is designed for new customers and those receiving upgrades, utilizing the same modules for refresher and onboarding to ensure continuity in content. Upon completion of student registration, end users will have 14 days to complete assigned course modules. The online program includes:

  • Interactive modules with videos, simulations and quizzes
  • Modules are designed for:
    • Nurse clinician, each 20 minutes (approx.)
    • Care provider, 15 minutes (approx.)
    • Ancillary staff, 20 minutes (approx.)
  • User and administrative progress reports
  • Flexibility for staff education while not interfering with patient care activities
  • Continued availability of courses for refresher and new employee onboarding

OBIX University: Onsite

OBIX University Onsite provides a curriculum tailored for each system purchase, administered by our expert clinical educators, for OBIX end users. This personalized education plan enables management and staff to effectively utilize the system's features and functions. Considering the benefit our clinical experts impart in the customized, hands-on training for all end users, an additional fee will be associated.

  • Free of cost, onsite, hands-on training for the hospital super users
  • Expert perinatal nurse educators
  • Integral quality assurance (QA) process
  • Dedicated education plan for each software module
  • Documentation and workflow consultation
OBIX Onsite