Update on Our Continued Efforts in Support of Valued Customers


We are fast approaching 2021 with renewed hope that we will soon have a handle on the pandemic that has taken its toll on us all. We continue in our efforts to provide solutions for the health and safety of women and babies while closely monitoring COVID-19. While we navigate through this uncertainty together, we are committed to supporting our hospital community to focus their care of the patients they serve.

First and foremost, we want to maintain a safe workplace and encourage/adopt practices protecting the health of patients, employees, customers and others. We are taking proactive steps to address concerns to ensure the continuity of business operations during these uncertain times. To help reduce the potential exposure and transmission of the virus, we have continued our full-time teleworking strategy for all employees.

One essential component of our support model is that all Clinical Computer Systems, Inc. (CCSI) technical and clinical staff are provided secure remote access and communication tools to accommodate technical and clinical support. Since the pandemic has greatly limited travel to hospitals for onsite support, we have pivoted our practices to support a successful remote implementation strategy. We are committed to providing our valued customers the same high level of customer service, performed with vigilance to new safety protocols.

In response to emergent needs due to the virus surge and the uptick of pregnant women, we continue to assist in support of hospitals throughout the country by offering remote configurations for new beds and mobile carts, providing them free of charge to OBIX customers, as hospitals are setting up temporary units for pregnant or laboring patients who need fetal monitoring. Regardless of our customers’ support contract type or status, we’ll help with remote configurations and provide the necessary fetal monitor cables and any required licensing for those beds/carts for the duration of this crisis. Customers need only to provide the in-wall cabling, Moxas, or additional computer.

If your hospital facility is working to create areas to handle these unique situations and need additional monitored beds, please contact us at 1-888-871-0963 x 1 to schedule an appointment convenient for your IT staff. Additionally, we will continue to provide access to our online education platform for all current customers to familiarize new staff to the OBIX system. Please contact obixpoet@obix.com with any questions or to submit a request. We recognize the potential need, and we will continue to support new staff onboarding request through the COVID crisis.

Lastly, we continue to closely follow the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and other local agencies. We monitor current events to be able to provide updates when necessary.

Please contact Cindy Bell, VP Customer Services, with any questions or concerns at cindy.bell@obix.com

We are truly blessed to have so many people that continue to persevere through all that the world is going through. To the first responders and healthcare workers, we thank you. Let us all continue to be strong as a community and get through this together.